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OPAI Wired Selfie Stick


6.7 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches


.Extendable and Foldable : It can be extended to 24.5 inches, long enough to take some group photos. The phone clamp can be 270 degree foldable, An extendable body and flexible phone cradle allow you to capture shots from various angles. .Battery Free : No Bluetooth, No charging needed, through 3.5mm wired connecting, Does not require a charge or Bluetooth connection, Its simply to plug the auxiliary cable into the headphone jack of my phone for the selfie stick to work. Take selfies whenever you want and take to anywhere to shoot fascinating pictures. .Humanization Design: Built-in shutter button and 3.5mm wired connecting designed for taking continuous selfies to freeze those happy moments with your friends, families. A mirror is also placed near the clamp, for those who'd prefer to use the rear camera of the phone for better picture quality and resolution selfies. what’s more, it can act as a lazy holder or a phone stand for watching videos whether at home or outdoor. .Rugged and Safe: Stainless steel pole with joints allows for a straight extension. Hard plastic clamp with rubbery to ensure a strong grip, no fear of phone falling. Using durable materials, and the simplicity of a wired connection, we've created a remarkable way to get the perfect picture even when you're by yourself. .Easy and Simple to Use: Taking selfies has never been so simple, No Apps, No Batteries, No Downloads Required, A quick and hassle-free 3.5mm connection allows you to plug into your headphone jack and instantly begin taking selfies.

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